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The M2M2 Academy

Blended and online learning options

Alongside great strength in face-to-face training, we also deliver remote programmes via the Docebo Learning Management System (LMS), which we use as a platform for the M2M2 Academy, our own learning hub. Docebo is a market leader across a broad range of sectors, including IT, healthcare, energy, oil and gas.

A platform for interaction and engagement with learners to allow online learning and uploading student work into learners' own private study channels.

A library of high-quality training content.

An efficient mechanism for reporting on the learning progress of cohorts and trainees.

The platform has three main assets:

An extensive eLearning library

Our platform offers an extensive library of online content from leading training suppliers, which we will curate to provide material relevant to NATO’s coaching and mentoring programme. Docebo also offers an Artificial Intelligence engine that integrates and creates an intelligent commentary on course material held by the system.

The M2M2 Academy gives you a preview of the courses and training programmes we offer, plus access to the courses themselves. The Academy is designed for individuals who have funded the training themselves and organisations who are investing in a programme for their people.

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