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July 16th, 2021

World-class team profiling tools
added to the M2M2 portfolio

Performance Climate System (PCS)

M2M2® has signed a strategic partnership with Performance Climate Systems to use the company’s PCS® product to enrich our executive and team coaching capabilities.

PCS is an online, survey-based tool that provides a simple analysis of team and leadership performance and well-being. Based on established academic research and used by organisations in more than 20 countries around the word, (including the BBC, Thomson Reuters and the NHS) the PCS model assesses organisational culture and what the company calls team ‘climate’ in six key segments critical to leadership performance.


These are Goals, Roles, Processes, Adaptability, Connection and Resilience.

M2M2 Managing Director (Commercial) Tony Robinson said the PCS solution would provide a unique window into the factors driving clients’ team performance.


He said: “We all know that different teams in the same company can have quite a different feel, atmosphere and output, and the PCS system will enable us to analyse and optimise this team ‘climate’ so we can help improve performance. We will offer this facility to both entire senior leadership teams and their own individual teams, which will support our coaching interventions and measure their effect on clients’ performance.”


PCS Director, David Chamberlain, added: ‘High-performing organisations understand and embrace the impact their people have on business performance. PCS provides the framework, the data and the solutions to structure, inform and track development work, improving leadership capability and team performance. We’re very excited that M2M2 will be applying our solution for its clients.’

For more information about PCS, click here

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