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Building on our academic strengths
Emily Ryall - University of Gloucester

February 22nd, 2023

Building on our 

academic strengths

M2M2® has launched a new academic board designed to reinforce the company’s delivery of qualifications, quality and ethics across its training, education, and research activities.

The board is chaired by M2M2 Managing Director (Academic), Dr Andy Miles, joined by key personnel from the company’s academic and vocational learning pathways, as well as several independent advisors. These include Professor Scott Fleming, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Bishop Grosseteste University, Dr Emily Ryall, Reader in Applied Philosophy at the University of Gloucestershire, and Victoria Rees formerly of NATO Strategic Allied Command Transformation (SACT), a current M2M2 Professional Doctorate student.

Inset: Emily Ryall

Reader in Applied Philosophy
at the University of Gloucestershire

Dr Miles asserted that the new body would strengthen the company’s provision of world- class education and training services. He said: ‘We are committed to achieving the highest standards in the structure and delivery of Professional Doctorates, and to ensure we meet and enhance the quality expected by external awarding bodies in both academic and vocational qualifications.


‘Our academic board will enable us to achieve these goals while ensuring we take full account of learner feedback and offer ethical advice and guidance on staff and learner research.’


The complete list of members of the M2M2 Academic Board and their responsibilities is:

Dr Andy Miles – Chair

Prof. Scott Fleming – External Advisor

Dr Andy Borrie – Level 8 Professional Doctorate

Gary Henderson – Vocational Delivery (Levels 3 to 7)

Dr Emily Ryall – Ethics and Integrity

Victoria Rees – Student Advocate

Leanne Chancellor – Board Secretary

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