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Education and training to Allied Command Transformation at NATO

January 22nd, 2022

M2M2® wins two major 

NATO contracts

Made to Measure Mentoring (M2M2) has been awarded two five-year contracts to provide education and training to Allied Command Transformation at NATO Headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia, USA.

The contracts cover two distinct areas in which M2M2 has delivered successful experimental projects for NATO since 2019. These experiments have subsequently been adopted as full programmes embedded in the Alliance’s transformational change initiatives, and are:


  • A Professional Doctorate Programme, where candidates carry out doctoral research related to their own professional spheres, bringing improved understanding and performance to NATO and enhancing individuals’ personal and professional development. The M2M2 experiment is currently managing 37 NATO candidates who will ultimately earn doctorates.

  • Coaching and mentoring training to embed a personal and supportive leadership style linked to NATO’s goals, leading to internationally recognised qualifications at ILM Levels 3, 5 and 7. This programme builds on an experiment embracing more than 50 NATO staff, with successful qualifications having been delivered at all levels.

Under the terms of the contracts, each programme will be open by competition to 10 candidates a year, drawn from both military and civilian personnel across the 30+ NATO nations.


In a joint statement, M2M2’s Managing Directors Tony Robinson (Commercial) and Andy Miles (Academic) welcomed the announcement of the contract awards, saying:

‘Our experimental programmes in enhanced professional development for NATO have driven the creation of our NATO International Professional Development Programme, a unique combination of academic and vocational training. We are delighted to have been successful in this tendering process and are very excited to carry on helping the Alliance develop transformational leadership and world-leading knowledge over the coming five years.’

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