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M2M2 expand their Executive Coaching portfolio
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Thursday September 14th, 2023

Executive Coaching Portfolio Expanded

M2M2® has introduced a new package of executive coaching services for both individuals and organisations, built on the capabilities it has developed for NATO, the British Army, the NHS and corporate clients.

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Tony Robinson
Managing Director (Commerical)

The new services will be delivered by M2M2’s coaching team, which includes some of the world’s best-qualified and most experienced coaches from elite sport, business and the military, with unrivalled coaching experience in high-pressure environments.


M2M2’s executive coaching programmes are designed and led by experts across the entire spectrum of approaches to coaching, including:


  • Executive and leadership coaching (to C-suite and mid-level leaders).

  • Skills and performance coaching.

  • Developmental coaching.

  • Team coaching.

  • Career coaching.

  • Coaching supervision.


The company’s Managing Director (Commercial), Tony Robinson, stated that executive coaching delivery is a core competency that complements M2M2’s work in training and qualifying executive coaches.

He said: ‘Executive Coaching is the ultimate in made-to-measure leadership development. Our world-class coaches combine recognised coaching qualifications, advanced business and academic degrees, and corporate backgrounds. They offer challenge and support via confidential, trusting, one-to-one relationships to enable leaders to clarify their goals and overcome the barriers they face in achieving them.’

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