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Marie Thake
Senior Coach / Mentor

Marie is a qualified executive and life coach who joined M2M2 after many years working in people development for the Rugby Football Union and with organisations including HBOS and Prudential.


She works with clients to develop their people empathetically in line with their company’s strategy to achieve the organisation’s vision. Marie seeks to engage people to learn, develop a passion for growth, and empower curiosity to enhance self-awareness and encourage them to inspire others. Passionate about being able to make a difference, she brings particular strengths in applying emotional intelligence to day-to-day life, enabling people to choose actions and behaviour that respond to their emotions instead of being led by them.


Her approach is designed to help understand the emotions of others, and to deal effectively with people and problems in a way that reduces conflict and hostility, develops collaboration, enables people to feel included, and produces positive interactions.

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