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M2M2 launches EDI programme
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December 12th, 2023

M2M2 launches Equity, Diversity
and Inclusion programme

M2M2® has appointed the consultancy Brown Owl to implement a company-wide EDI programme led by Brown Owl Director Aylwin Yafele, who joins M2M2’s executive team as EDI Adviser.

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Aylwin Yafele
Brown Owl Director

Aylwin is a Senior Academic who has held several leadership roles and is also a Non-Executive Director. He is an experienced researcher in areas such as Corporate Governance, Financial Reporting Disclosures, and Diversity & Inclusion. He has extensive experience leading EDI Charter projects that implement policies and processes to ensure sustainable equity infrastructure.


The programme he is leading for M2M2 embraces workshops, policy review and the development of strategic frameworks to encourage and sustain EDI.


M2M2’s Managing Director (Academic), Andy Miles, highlighted the company’s ongoing commitment to EDI across all its operations. He said: ‘Our clients include health, military and corporate sector organisations that hold themselves to the highest standards of EDI both in the UK and internationally.


‘Our EDI programme will align our own standards with global best practice and we look forward to working effectively with Brown Owl over the coming years.’


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